Class of 1988
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Welcome to the official website for the
W.A. Berry High School class of 1988.  This site has been created as a place to help us do a better job of staying in touch with each other and keeping up with the happenings of our classmates.

We are always looking to update this website. If you have any suggestions on content, or if you have any photos or artwork we can use, please email it to Ashley Haydock, and we will do our best to incorporate, appropriately, to the site.

Most importantly,
please register before exiting this page (if you haven't already).  It will make it a lot easier for us to plan things and communicate with you if we know you were here.  Our class owns this site, so nobody is going to be selling your information or anything - and in fact, we will have to approve your registration for you to get added to the site.  This is being done so random people don't register and clog up our data base.

We hope all is well with you and your family and look forward to hearing about you!